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Focus on the chain sprocket production 30 yearsKeep advanced     pursue progress





High quality quality

Quality source:
We trust the quality of the raw materials derived from allows you to rest assured. Our raw materials from: china.greases, nanjing iron and steel, xining special steel, huai steel, special steel, daye special steel, shijiazhuang iron and steel and other high-quality steel products manufacturers. Today's quality, tomorrow's market; Integrity is futile to brand, credibility is no shortage of capital.

Material reserves:
our quick delivery efficiency comes from our rich reserves of raw material reserves and finished goods inventory. Our stock steel not less than 10 kinds of materials, we reserves remain all the year round in more than 6000 tons of raw materials, finished goods inventory reserve type not less than 60, fg

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Process equipment

Production equipment:
We quickly production efficiency from our advanced production equipment. Our MRP is the main production equipment from Germany and Sweden, issa company has domestic advanced automatic production line for the chain. We advanced from manufacturing to smart, Chinese quality building as the core, to keep advanced, the pursuit of progress.

Production process:
Our brand of advanced technology from our study and precipitation. We learn from foreign advanced technology and techniques, and our factory for 30 years of growth and precipitation. Growth in the study, sublimation in the precipitation. Through years of practice and the development of our people have a set of advanced technology and the process of their own. 。

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Enterprise strength

Company honor:
Our company was formally established in 1996, the registered capital of 26.8 million yuan, the company covers an area of 49000 square meters, annual production capacity of 16000 tons, the fixed assets of 120 million yuan. Repeatedly been rated as high-tech enterprises in shandong province, taian good show private technology enterprises, the agricultural bank of China AAA grade credit enterprise "and other honors. Our advanced key development enterprise, zhuhai municipal party committee municipal government leadership view guidance to the factory for many times.

Enterprise qualification:
Our advanced all products passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. We produce mine ring chain, mine compact chain, link and link has obtained in 43 countries mine security sign certificate.

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Xintai city of shandong province xianjin mining equipment factory, founded in 1996, the registered capital of 26.8 million yuan, the company covers an area of 49000 square meters, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, the five mountains to the north taishan, Confucius hometown qufu in the south, beijing-fuzhou, beijing-shanghai, lai new highway across the city.

Our factory with scientific management, advanced equipment, reliable quality, excellent service, products are exported to all parts of the country. 


Sawtooth link material and heat treatment process
Sawtooth production and production link, use what material? A lot of people do not understand toothed ring,
Mining and the use of compact chain operation meth
The compact chain used in mine can replace the ring chain with the same nominal diameter, and it does not need to transform the original scraper conveyor
Stainless steel chain is suitable for a variety of
Stainless steel chain conveyor is the main function of the component conveyor chain, as a result of the chain structure is varied, so the characteristics of chain conveyor can be summarized as: stainless steel chain transmission function is applicable to a variety of using environment and a variety of application requirements. In particular, can be summarized as the following: